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BUBBLE is the creative vision of Parisian partners Jean Marc Benichou & Katy Brami.

Jean Marc  began his success over twenty years ago in Paris and became one of the finest conceptual designers in furniture design and events. He brought his creative success in 2005 to the United States and quickly has established one of the leading, innovative event furniture companies in South Florida and New York.

Katy , a savvy Parisian, brings her instinctive and dynamic style to Bubble. She understands the demands of her clients and the industry. She is the mind behind the collections and will bring your floor plans to life through her talent in space design.

BUBBLE’s reputation is built on our constantly unique, new and innovative designs. Marc and Katy are constantly traveling to attend shows and keeping the edge. We provide our clients and the industry one of a kind products to create memorable, special designs. With over 30,000 SF and 3 locations of an illustrious inventory, Bubble has become the first stop to the most sought out events such as Art Basel, Fashion Week and the Design District.


BUBBLE is expanding to New York City as the past few years have shown a demand in the Northeast. Bubble brings a distinctive twist in vibrant colors and style in design. We offer an exceptional variety of exciting and distinguished furnishings and design for your event. As a BUBBLE client, you can always depend on our creative team to provide exciting designs and styles from our extensive inventory.

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1250 Valley Brook Avenue Lyndhurst NJ 07071

Phone: (201) 933.0555 | (201) 933.1155

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